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OMEGALI® extra virgin avocado oil in its different flavors fuses the highest quality with the best flavor and also being the healthiest edible oil.

We are not just any sugar water or soft drink, we are Agua Ocarina, the first line of premium quality Mexican carbonated drinks, with fruit juice and carbonated spring water extracted from melt springs of the volcanoes of Tehuacan Puebla

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"Café Solo Dios" was founded in
1930, in the Soconusco region of the
state of Chiapas.
Initially, its activity focused on the
cultivation, processing and marketing of green coffee beans.
With its foundation, the farm of the same name begins operating, located in the mountains of
the Sierra Madre de Chiapas in the municipality of Escuintla, at an average height of 1,200
MASL, with an extension of 100.
Ideal fields for growing in the shade, planted with Arabica Coffee and with an absolute respect
for nature.

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